The Hashtag Cashtag Gets Extra on 107.7 The End

With 12 chances every weekday to win $1000!

Starting next Thursday, the Hashtag Cashtag Gets Extra cash contest on 107.7 The End is back with 12 chances for you to win $1000 every weekday! 

To enter, listen weekdays at the top of every hour (from 7am-6pm) for the Hashtag Cashtag Get Extra keywords -  and when you hear one, TEXT it to 72881 before the end of the hour, because we could all use a little more cash... and the more keywords you enter,  the better your chances are to snag some of that #cashmoney.

Go ahead,  give it a shot! The worst thing that happens is that you don't win the $1,000, but get to spend all day discovering new music on The End!

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