Be Excellent to Each Other and Bring Your Socks to DTHB

Deck the Hall Ball is coming up, and while we are all super excited to kick it together and party our faces off while listening to the best bands of the year, we are also excited to be able to help the community. To do that, we need your help. Simply bring some socks (unused, you monsters!) to DTHB...
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Poke-Scoop-Drip-Wait-Read: It Is Super Easy to Find Your Blood Type

Donating blood (to vampires) is hella important - I mean, I used the word hella so you know I'm serious. Now you're not sure if I'm serious. I AM SERIOUS! My friend Rachel reached out to me because her job - BloodworksNW - wanted to connect about getting more people like me (nerds) informed about...
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These Local Tattoo Artists Are Doing Some Incredible Charitable Work

My new friend Krystin hollered at us asking if we could do anything to spread the word about an inspiring event celebrating the women recovering from Mastectomy surgery - removing tumors and cells associated with breast cancer. A bunch of dope tattoo artists volunteer their time tattooing the...
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The Maple Leaves Are Changing At The Seattle Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden at the Lake Washington Arboretum is a wonderfully tucked away bit of foreign culture right in the middle of Seattle and it is excellent. A dry October afternoon spent walking the loose gravel path in the relative peace and quiet can be the perfect taste of tranquility. It is the...
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I loved the eye tester robot looking thing as a kid!

Free Medical, Dental, Vision Services This Weekend at Key Arena

It's the Seattle King County Clinic and this is the weekend for any of my friends or foes who lack access to medical services to get some free help. Healthcare is an impossible sea of sharks and beasts and those barely staying afloat expertly navigated by few in our country. Luckily a team of...
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So How Scary Is the New Glass Floor at the Space Needle?

The Space Needle crew are just putting the finishing touches on a $100 million update, a "Spacelift" if you'll allow for puns. We'll allow it. I rode in some secret elevator to the top yesterday, walked through their kitchen like some sort of mob boss, and took in the incredible work they've pulled...
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Each season, Seattle Sounders FC find a community partner they think is doing huge things in Seattle and send that person/group to the MLS Allstar match where they join other charitible super stars for a day to be honored and have some fun! One of these 23 will win a $25,000 donation to their...
Gregr on stage at Showbox

Showbox Memories - These Are My Favorite Concerts From The Showbox

I, like everyone, was rocked yesterday by news that a developer wants to replace the historic Showbox and surrounding buildings with a zillion unit apartment building. Great, more places I can't afford to live in and less culture. What is happening to the identity of Seattle? Vocal Seattlites...
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Here's Where You Can Go To Stay Cool During the Heat Wave

Supported by We're looking at more than a week of weather that's gonna make you sweaty in weird places as you try to sleep. KOMO put together a great list of places around Seattle you can get some sweet relief! That Seattle Center International Fountain though... THE BEST! Please...
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31 Stories High!

We Rappelled Down a 40 Story Building and Lived!

When Seattle Humane approached me about going “over the edge” for a fun fundraiser, I agreed because they’re rad and some thrilling fun sounded cool. I’m not sure how I blocked out in my brain that I would be voluntarily dropping off the perfectly safe, stable, and gravity capable 40-story...
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