Look at this massive building YOU can repel down!

I went to the location for Seattle Humane’s Mission Impawsible - a forty story building that fundraisers will be repelling down in celebration of having raised a bunch of money for adoptable animals. I’m not gonna lie, when I got to the building, looked up and got dizzy, for a moment I thought “you...
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Traffic In Seattle This Weekend Will Be a Disaster

Revive I-5 is back and it spells certain doom for your weekend commuting! Northbound I-5 is going to be completely closed between the West Seattle Bridge and the Olive Way exit. Cancel everything! There's no way around conducting maintenance and repairs on the roads we use, but when it's the...
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Stone Gossard and Mike McCready are the most normal, broccoli buying dudes, still cruising the streets of Seattle like the rest of us. They've noticed like the rest of us, because it's impossible not to, that Seattle's homeless situation has become critical and aren't sitting around waiting for...
Tuxes and Tails

I Got to Strut My Stuff on the Dog/Catwalk for Charity!

For the last several years, I've been invited to participate in Seattle Humane's Tuxes and Tails. It's their big fancy dress-up gala where some of the biggest donors come out, wave cards around to bid on auction items, and most importantly enjoy the pups and kitties being walked across the stage in...
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How To Be A Pro Tourist in Seattle

Supported by My younger brother had never been to Seattle before this weekend. He lives in Boston, and I'm pretty sure getting away from the cold and snow played a big part in his decision to come visit. It's like the weather gods knew he was coming and wanted to show off by giving...
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Help Pearl Jam Help Seattle

As I write this, we are 104 days, 10 hours and 33 minutes away from the greatest band in the history of ever taking the at Safeco, to play their first HOME show in 5 years! Of course I'm referring to Pearl Jam and of course I am freaking out, they are my favorite band OF ALL TIME...
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Drink up: These are our Favorite Beers in the PNW

All this sunshine lately is getting me pumped for warmer weather and outdoor drinking! photo by Alyssa And if you haven't noticed, we like to eat and drink around here . That's why we create events like Sip and Slide , it gives us an excuse to stuff our faces with delicious, local food and hang out...
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It's Never Too Early to Pregame for Sip And Slide

If you don't like burgers then we can't be friends and you will not like this blog... Joking! Sort of. Burgers are life and we're stoked that Sip And Slide (our new sliders and beer event) is one month away! And yes, there will be other options besides mini burgers. Think pulled pork sliders.. or...
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Vote: Find the Closest Place to drop off your ballot!

Today is election day - normally, as a country, we tend to only vote in Presidential elections and then complain about the results for four years until we vote again, but changing our country starts at a local level. These are the dummies that impact you and your schools and your firefighters...
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Doggo + Gregr

Bring Your Doggo To Greenlake!

It's no secret that I love dogs*. But I also love people who help doggos find homes and get help. Over the years I've gotten to work with Seattle Humane on a variety of events like Tuxes and Tails and Catapalooza, but now they're kicking off a new twist on a fun walk around Greenlake - Glow in the...
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