An iguana

In Case You Thought Florida Wasn't Weird Enough

And you thought it got cold during the snow... in Florida, temperatures are so low it's raining iguanas!
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I Built the LEGO Dinosaur Fossils Set

Dinosaur Fossils 21320 combines LEGO with dinosaur bones and couldn't be more up my alley.
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What state does Washington hate the most?

Every state has a state which is their least favorite. Check out the map!
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Snowy Snohomish Barn

Washington is Beautiful: Snow storms!

Washington only gets prettier with a dusting of nature's frozen icing.
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The Best Way to Celebrate National Pizza Week in Seattle

Supported by One of our favorite holidays has turned into a whole week of celebration! It's officially National Pizza Week and there are so many great pizza spots in Seattle to try! Whether you're into that thin crust, deep dish, traditional Italian style crust or sicilian slices,...
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Not THAT kind of chicken

Here's what Marshawn's "chicken" is all about

It will definitely get you more Skittles...
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