Manley's Valentine's Day Playlist

Today is Valentine's Day, and whether you are celebrating with your boo boo over a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers or spending the night at home alone, eating an entire frozen pizza while subtweeting your exes, there are plenty of songs that will enhance your evening...for better or...
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Nerd Talk: Mars Is Far AF Away From Earth

NASA has officially declared the Mars Opportunity rover dead on the surface of our neighboring planet. One of the most successful and enduring feats of interplanetary exploration, our @MarsRovers Opportunity is at an end after almost 15 years exploring the surface of Mars. Designed to last just 90...
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How to Handle Driving In this Dumb Weather

#Snowmageddon, #Snowpocalypse, #WaSnow - whatever you call it, snOwMyGod, it's dumped more than a foot of snow in most places over the last 10 days. Some places, flat places, have this much snow all the time and they're fine. We have hills, lots of hills, and only the occassional snow storm. Let me...
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Space Legoman Takes Me Right Back To Childhood

Walking through the aisle at Batell Drugs by my house and BAM there it is, my favorite Lego character ever has his own set. When I was a kid, I had hand me down Legos from the neighbor kid up the street - a big ol' box, too. Pretty cool. My folks were not interested in spending money on what I now...
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