Freelance sports writing machine, Ari Liljenwall (@arililjenwall) gives us a glimpse of life as an independent journalist covering teams like Seattle Sounders FC. He busy sprinkling in the hot takes like it's salt on french fries while our Branden is off viewing art wrong in Europe. We cover...

Apollo 11 Mission Has Landed at Museum Of Flight, is Awesome!

Supported by On July 20, 2019, planet Earth will celebrate the first time humans set foot upon another world. That was 50 years ago! Just in time to celebrate astronauts running around in the moon dirt, the Museum of Flight launches a special collection visiting from the Smithsonian...
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Up Your Cookie Baking Game With A Simple Addition

When you think about making cookies from scratch, it sounds like a messy, complicated process that could easily be skirted with a trip to Specialty's. I get it. But then I watched this no-nonsense dude on YouTube up the stakes with a simple twist: an oven set to broil ! Video of Broiled Chocolate...
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