Who knew that the best defense was not playing defense at all?! Turns out single-elimination soccer is super fun (and terrifying but mostly fun), especially when you unleash the choo-choo. This week, Sounders could pull the plug on Rimando’s career if anyone is still able to walk after 420 minutes...
Record listening is at a 25 year high

Just A Random Music Memory

Frittata talk led to a great trip down memory lane reminiscing about Fugazi.
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This week, the Sounders go into the SINGLE ELIMINATION playoffs on the back of two 1-0 wins, but more importantly, Jordan Morris might own Cuba now? Frisco, Texas, is a place where both GI Joe Cobra and Cobra Kai live (and apparently are beloved) and Canada is a place where the gravy is king! ...

Here's How To Vote Soundgarden For Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

To vote, google "Soundgarden vote" and a ballot will appear first in the search results. You can choose five artists per day.
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