Lombardi Trophy

The Best Three Commercials From Sunday's Big Game

At $5.6-million per ad, companies through down huge sums to get seen during the biggest TV event of the year.
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Shuttle model

I remember when the space shuttle blew up...

A sad day at the pre-school as seven humans headed for Earth's orbit. Sadly, they made it only just more than a minute towards weightlessness before suffering a catastrophic failure that ended an ambitious mission and silenced the sparks of their lives.
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Dick's Drive-Ins celebrating birthday with 19¢ burgers!

Dick's Drive-In is celebrating its birthday by offering originally priced hamburgers this week! When they first opening on January 28, 1954, burgers were 19¢, fries 11¢, and shakes 21¢.
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An iguana

In Case You Thought Florida Wasn't Weird Enough

And you thought it got cold during the snow... in Florida, temperatures are so low it's raining iguanas!
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I Built the LEGO Dinosaur Fossils Set

Dinosaur Fossils 21320 combines LEGO with dinosaur bones and couldn't be more up my alley.
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What state does Washington hate the most?

Every state has a state which is their least favorite. Check out the map!
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