Washington Is Beautiful - The Perfect Day

Supported by Washington is beautiful and my kid loves splashing in the water so we packed up the family and popped over to Edmonds for a couple of hours in the sun. I am very sunburned today. The town of Edmonds is absolutely lovely with tons of shops and restaurants (shout out to...
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With a bandana full of their stuff attached to a stick over their shoulder, the Sounders head to Frisco to tell #GiraffeFacts by the campfire and talk about their favorite yokozuna. Fan Outrage returns (and it's amazing), Leerdam puts Besler on spin cycle, and Dallas are hungry for Seattle blood.
Congrats for a legendary career, Chad Marshall. Thanks for sacrificing your body for Seattle week in and week out. Thanks for being our soccer dad, and enjoy all the time you get to be a real dad to your kids, and your grown son traveling on his gap year, Brad Evans.

Hope the...
With Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws, a shocking number of people have signed a petition to cast a new wolverine and the person they want is simply ridiculous.