You Can Get Super Close to the Blue Angels This Week

With Seafair all around us, the Blue Angels are in town! Touching down on Sunday night, the FA-18's are parked in a new spot and it's one that you means you can get right up on 'em - not literally, no, you can't climb the Blue Angels. Get down. The Museum of Flight looks out right over Boeing Field...
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Have we seen the last of Brad Bradsmith? Sounders get three points in Houston with a Jordan Morris sombrero, and another dude coming untucked, but next up it’s some people from Kansas (or Missouri who tf knows) with a weird old mascot! A new signing could be on the way, but that could mean the end...
Barns Courtney has roots here in Seattle but he has grown and that brain of his is quick! We jump right in and things get naughty right out of the gate, so, put on your adult ears... you've been warned. Our shirtless wonder will answer the important questions: 

Is it as small as they...
by Gregr

Snapped Some Transformers Photos From CybFest NW 2019

When I first got excited about CybFest NW 2019, I didn't really know what to expect from an unofficial Transformers convention. Toys. That's what to expect. Toys and the people who love them. This is a very specific slice of nerd having fun on the weekend. We're talking kids who have seen more than...
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Hint - if you see a Portland goalkeeper outside the CenturyLink parking garage, tell him he sucks. We preview the match against Houston who are doing an opposite Sounders, but who effing cares we’re all still mad about last week. Where is Arreaga? Can we all do karate like Zlatan? Buy Clint Dempsey...