Wait a second...Houston is good? Sounders pick up two new players (#SpaceBuns). Like Bob Ross, Sounders love drawing and are #Warm going into this weekend’s match against Dynamo. Also, someone on the team is pregnant? It’s #DefinitelyNotABaby.


Listen: Seattle Native Rainn Wilson is Coming to Town

Rainn Wilson grew up in Seattle and feels a strong connection for our community way up in the corner of our massive country. He's on the board for the Mona Foundation and as a beloved human being calls on the super-powers of wonderful friends and talents to entertain us on Thursday, May 30th at the...
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Rainn Wilson called in to talk about his wonderful show at the Paramount raising money for the Mona Foundation. It includes some fun neighborhood friends like Joel McHale, Chris Balew, Michael Franti, and more! Does Rainn own a Russell WILSON jersey? Are Seattle actors bonded by origin story? Which...

Taco Truck Challenge Was Bangin' - Thank YOU!

Foolish-mortals, I extend my gratitude toward your puny lives knowing that none of this matters and our time on hurtling space rock is brief. Yet, you chose to soak up the sunshine, stuff yourself on tacos, and suck down a multitude of beers and tequila powered beverages with us. Your performance...
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