Nerd Talk - September 7, 2016

He doesn't have a taste for late 80's playboys, his talent will help us fight the terminators someday. Nerd Talk - September 7, 2016 Read More: 1. No creep is safe, thanks to Url the porn sniffing pooch . 2. Jupiter . 3. China is going under the sea .
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Nerd Talk - September 6, 2016

If you're gonna give queen an asteroid, we're gonna need to rewrite some lyrics to make them extra terrestrial! Nerd Talk - September 6, 2016 READ MORE: 1. Freddie Mercury gets his own asteroid . 2. Poor little Philae #rip . 3. Computers are being created that will learn to deal with our feelings...
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#sEATtle: Hangover Food 2

Well, here we are again. Hungover and at work. The worst. I went down to Pioneer Square last night for their First Thursday Art Walk (highly recommend) and to check out an event called Audio/Visual, featuring some amazing art from Seattle artist Katie Kurkjy. She does these amazing pieces with...
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Nerd Talk - September 2, 2016

I would be surprised to find out that any of us wouldn't take a human flying robot suit like Iron Man, but Zuckercheeseburger seems to be close to having the Jarvis style assistant... I'll stick to be mad at Siri for now... Nerd Talk - September 2, 2016 Read More: 3. Zuckerberg has his own jarvis...
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How to Sounders Good

How to Sounders Good: Welcome Home Ross!

When Ross left for Brazil, the Sounders were crap. Then, they had a run of a bunch of fantastic games, great results, and some fresh-brewed team chemistry. Just when Ross gets back, though, they gave us that Sunday loss to Portland starting with a 4-0 shellacking in the first half. All I wanted was...
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Finally Australia is switching from Koala power to something that could easily change the way we get energy, i mean, assuming that lobbying by the coal and oil industry ever went away... sigh...