Nerd Talk - September 1, 2016

As I was uploading the audio for the podcast of Nerd Talk, it dawned on me that even if we do make something that has little to no waste after manufacturing, we'd have to live in a world where lobbying by oil and coal industries were cool with more competition. They are not cool with that. Sigh...
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Mike Klay tackled the enormous task of organizing Flatstock 56 - a gathering of concert poster artists that takes place annually at Bumbershoot. An artist himself, he tells us about how the posters are made, displayed, and the travel some artists go through for the community.

A true Midwesterner reviews Seattle's Steak 'n Shake

Leslie is the Program Director for 107.7 The End. That means she is the big kahuna, the skipper, El Presidente, the boss. She also happens to be from the Midwest, the land of the original Steak 'n Shake. This year, her dreams came true and Steak 'n Shake came to Seattle. This is her review...
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Nerd Talk - August 31, 2016

Turns out that the way you talk to dogs, like babies, is determined by how you make the noises - someone stuffed a bunch of dogs into an fMRI machine to study how their dumb dog brains work! Nerd Talk - August 31, 2016 Read More: 1. Careful what you say to the dog ... 2. The cost of that iPhone,...
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The Scoop Behind Flatstock

Bumbershoot isn’t just the Space Needle towering over the awesome Seattle Center as bands play, break dancers dance, and comedians tell jokes. For me, a serious part of Labor Day weekend is gawking at all the colors and ink of Flatstock! Flatstock is the gathering of graphic poster artists. Booth...
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Nerd Talk - August 30, 2016

A scientist said to imagine Earth is like a spaceship, you'd never voluntarily switch off the life support system on a space ship... Nerd Talk - August 30, 2016 Read more: 1. This new plastic is bananas . 2. We’ve entered a new geological era and it sounds like it might suck . 3. Someone is...
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Nerd Talk - August 29, 2016

My stupid neighbors partied on their patio pretty late last night, a year-long camping trip next to a Hawaiian volcano suddenly doesn't sound so bad... Nerd Talk - August 29, 2016 Read More 1. Year-long Mars simulation . 2. Star in a Jar - it’s not Jared Leto ... 3. Aliens, bro .
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