Say no to kids robbing you, and yes to Roman Torres! Nico’s beard gets the attention it deserves, and we preview the infinite void created by the small vacuum that are international breaks before the postseason begins. As our players travel far and wide through the infinite, unending space (and...

CenturyLink Field Got An Awesome Looking Upgrade

Supported by I missed it on TV during that Thursday Night Football game, but CenturyLink went under some simple roof upgrades to make it shine on the Seattle skyline! There's no place like our home. -- @CenturyLink_Fld got a new look! -- — Seattle Seahawks...
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What You Need to Know For Sunday's Final Sounders Match of the Season

Match 34 of 34 on Sunday promises to be a fun close to the 2019 regular season. It's DeCiSiOn DaY!!!1! which in leagues where they don't have playoffs (everywhere but MLS) means the season is done and you're fighting to avoid relegation (again everywhere but MLS) or promotion/Champions League play...
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Ozzie Alonso’s force ghost is back and he has a chip on his shoulder. Sounders sneak away from the Longest (not underwater) bar in North America because of Jordan Morris’ sexy feet, and they need three points to secure second in the west. Arreaga has a case of the soft reds (hey, Pepto Bismol) just...
Sounders FC are in Pemco commercial standoff “you have the last piece, no really I mean it, you sure? Does anyone else want it? No no I’m actually full anyway, are you for real sure?” fight for a spot in the playoffs with six other teams. Seattle travels to the Longest Outdoor Bar in North America...