Walt and Ninja

Ladies find guys less attractive when they do this!

You gotta love research studies like this.
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Stonehenge Solstice

How to Stream Solstice Sunrise from Stonehenge

Tonight (6/20/20), at 8:52p Seattle time, you'll be able to catch a live stream of the sunrising symmetrically over Stonehenge.
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Arctic Monkeys 'AM'

Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know?" Hits 1 Billion Views on YouTube

The question is do you wanna know how many other bands have reached the one-billion view mark now held by Arctic Monkeys' "Do I Wanna Know?"
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Is time real? Are birds real? Is any of this world real? Harry Shipp left the Sounders to go wrestle with some of life’s existential questions and left the rest of us behind IN ORLANDO WITH CALEB PORTER. Sounders sign two new players, but really they just signed one really tall man who is 100%...
I went to the protest zone - without having my passport stamped - and found a mix of things to reflect upon.
BLM Mural on Capitol Hill

Each Letter of the Black Lives Matter Mural on Pine St

When the letters were primed for painting, it felt odd that a Black Lives Matter mural would be white. Then the magic happened.
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Quick, three beers! The New Episode of Full 90 Soccer Time Tournament is back and we are taking a look at all groups of the MLS is Back tournament, except stupid boring group A, which sucks. We STILL don’t know how to watch the soccer, but the soccer is coming. We also discovered a lizard bird, so...