Just like Sumo in September, we’re back! Just in time to see LITERALLY (not literally) EVERY PLAYER leave. Sounders break out the jazz piano for Kitman to play left back (‘member when we had 3?) and Cristian Roldan is best friends with Ciara. Colorado is bad, but Hey baby, they hear the blues a-...
Yellowstone National Park

I Drove Through Yellowstone and We MUST Go Back!

I spent my Labor Day Weekend driving a car from Albuquerque, NM, to Snohomish, WA. We made sure to drive through Yellowstone National Park and it delivered!
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Short is a funny thing to put before mentioning Walter Jones - he's a big man. We're the same height and I could easily hide behind this wall of muscle and stuff great for building a wall! It’s tough not to over do it when someone so kind and humble comes in, but it’s the tales we tell of times...
Yes, we had THAT conversation. Could you fire your own dad? Sounders‘ new dad is Zlatan and they are one bad result from being below the line. Cascadia Cup is up for grabs as Sounders travel to a LITERAL butt to play the Timbers, a team they haven’t beat this year. Don’t buy Timber Joey’s Etsy...
Walt of 107.7 The End

Listen: Meet Walt - The Ends Newest Team Member

Walt is the new guy at 107.7 The End with a mega past in radio that includes some time off to tour the world in Stabbing Westward! Check out our chat on Gregr's 'So, You're In Seattle' podcast.
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Walt is the newest host on 107.7 The End! While most of us here have only ever really pursued one career - radio - Walt took a break to do something that most kids from Macomb, IL, would ever dream of - touring the world in band! What a great addition to The End. Enjoy this talk and enjoy Walt...