by Gregr

Snapped Some Transformers Photos From CybFest NW 2019

When I first got excited about CybFest NW 2019, I didn't really know what to expect from an unofficial Transformers convention. Toys. That's what to expect. Toys and the people who love them. This is a very specific slice of nerd having fun on the weekend. We're talking kids who have seen more than...
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Hint - if you see a Portland goalkeeper outside the CenturyLink parking garage, tell him he sucks. We preview the match against Houston who are doing an opposite Sounders, but who effing cares we’re all still mad about last week. Where is Arreaga? Can we all do karate like Zlatan? Buy Clint Dempsey...

Someone Made a Twitter Bot That Creates Emoji Mashups

With incredible speed, we are reducing the complexities of educated intelligent communication back to simpler more illiterate times and we have emojis to thank. The Pharaohs would be pumped! Sadly, it doesn't seem likely that we'll stop our decline towards cuneiform and hieroglyph for some time...
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We Built This Big Old School Transformer and I Feel Like a Kid Again

Mike Seibert loves the Transformers. When we met, he was on his way to Niagra Falls with a stopover in Toronto for TFcon - a Transformers convention. Mike calls himself a fan of the brand, but does with a show that spans decades, he does have his own touchstones. His jam, that 1986 original The...
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Mike is not only a veteran of KGRG, host of the Mike Siebert Radio Podcast, but he's also crazy about Transformers - like travel to Toronto to go to a Transformers convention. He also brings that passion home and with CybFest NW 2019 looming like Unicron over Cybertron, he's here to get us fired up...