The Moon Is SO FAR Away

My buddy Sean text me the other day about the Apollo 11 mission launch celebrating a milestone day in space history and made a great point: It's not just kids, dude, I don't think most people understand just how batsh*t crazy it is for humans to go to the moon. Yeah, we can wrap our heads around...
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The Sounders play moneybald and it pays off against Atlanta. Learn German and why Harry Shipp is the Charlie Day of Seattle as we break down why Fartland sucks and you NEVER LEAVE AT HALFTIME.

So, What Are the Top 5 Sounders FC Goals of All Time?

Following that bit of individual goal sorcery on Sunday, our Sounders FC specific Full 90 - Extra Time podcast got to thinking about the best goals in Sounders FC history. Did you know that in just ten years, Seattle Sounders FC has two Goal of the Year winners? (Ianni '12 and Martins in '14)...
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West Seattle Artist Pays Tribute to Seattle Icons

Supported by One of the things I love about Seattle is there's art on pretty much every street! Back East in my hometown, if someone saw you with a can of spray paint, they'd assume you were a vandal and most likely call the cops. Here, in the Emerald City, the art is appreciated...
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