Sounders are back in Seattle and we burned down an apartment! Not really, but it was close. Seattle faces Atlanta who are playing outside the comfort of Megatron’s Butthole where they haven’t fared too well. Transfer window talk, Cridan Mordan is back, and congrats USWNT who deserve to be the...

Sounders FC Xavier Arreaga Is Our New Dad

Arreaga is our new dad, a case study by Branden from the Full 90 - Extra Time podcast : 1. Chad "Dad" Marshall retires 2. Sounders have a dad opening 3. Nothing is more "dad" than tucking a t-shirt into shorts and dancing poorly Exhibit A. Arreaga dancing during Jingle Bells Nico's game-winner =...
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Bottle Cap Challenge Is Def How You Pull a Hammy

So this boss of an MMA dude, Max Holloway, pulled off this incredible spinning back kick with a twist - he precisely hits this loosened bottle cap and makes it spin right open. Be curious my friends! #challengeaccepted #bottlecapchallenge Passing this on to our guy @JohnMayer …. hey John if you can...
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I put earplugs to the test for July 4th

I used earplugs to sleep through the fireworks last night and I'll never not use them again. Whilst our neighbors were busy proving their freedumb in the houses around us, I was not willing to once again be subjected to this garbage. We might normally get along, but if you're the person doing this...
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