Do Not Try At Home

Watch This Dude Use a Homemade Flamethrower to Prove Masks Work

Hey guess what, this vidoe isn't super scientific, but it still proves a pretty amazing point: masks work.
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Boeing 747 Dreamlifter

Watch This Airplane That Carries Airplanes Unload in Everett

Watch the Boeing Dreamlifter unload Dreamliner parts up in Everett, WA.
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Feed the duck

Watch these ducks annihilate this healthy snack

Oh good, duck themed content - and it's appropriate for humans, too!
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We waited for lightning and storms to pass and we still don’t know who the Sounders will play in the Playoffs Jr., or how they somehow secured the #2 seed in their group, or how Vancouver advanced at all, or what Brian Schmetzer’s username is. When Nouhou is your safest player in defense, you know...
Washington Coastline

Found the Best Place to Photograph that Comet

After randomly finding the best place to photograph that dang comet, it did not work out the way I planned.
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We’d rather eat a deep dish pizza than be put through 100 minutes of that again. The Rave Green were drenched in the springs of the Chad Barrett River, but they’re going to need more than that if they plan on beating accidental Canadian goals on Sunday. Sounders advance if [insert complicated...