Hanging out with people? What's your COVID risk?

Here's a fun map of every county in the the US and your likelyhood of getting coronavirus.
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Aladdin Sane

Nursing home residents recreate classic album covers

Finding new activities during the pandemic.
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Super Mario

Sealed Super Mario Bros Game Fetches Some Serious Cash

I can't imagine why anyone wou
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Ruth Shapovalov is connecting kids and community to food and purpose. Her work as part of the VOA at the Sky Valley Youth Coalition needs our attention today so kids not only stay fed, but so they learn the sense of family and community outreach to strengthen Sultan and surrounding area.
Well, that was something. Sounders are back, kinda, and if you want to get up early on Tuesday, you can see if it gets any better, because it can’t get worse. You can now lease your neck to Raul Ruidiaz for future tattoos, but you should get in line. JUST GIVE THE GD BALL TO RAUL.

I Could Take Photos Of Ladybugs All Day

You can buy ladybugs for your garden at the nursery and watch them patrol for aphids.
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Two games into the tournament (or one if you’re Gregr) and we learned a few things. Mainly, MLS is crap, white shirts are see-through when wet #FreeTheNip, and we should all hold our ACLs a little more close. Dunking on MLS is still original and cool, right?