Record Store Day 2020: The List of Vinyl Exclusives Is Out!

Record Store Day 2020 list revealed!
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Japan found the cure for coronavirus*, injury (duty) issues are already a concern, and finally Branden can stop with the fear poops - it's a good thing because Seattle bought up all the toilet paper in the region. Does anyone need any left shoes? Bonus points if you score a goal involving the Crew...

Seattle Teen Builds A Leading Source of COVID-19 Data

The Mercer Island teen's site started to become more important as the media got more sensational.
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Keith printing shirts at Inker Prints

Appreciation Post: Inker Prints in Georgetown

Appreciation post for Inker Prints: Get to know the creative brain behind this awesome local business!
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beard guy

No, The CDC Isn't Saying to Shave Your Beard

No, the CDC did not recommend all dudes with beards shave their dude beards off their dude faces.
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Sounders FC legend, Brad Evans, took a year with his wife to hop in the airstream and see all the parks. He's back with Sounders FC as a brand ambassador #BrandEvans and judging by this chat, he's gonna kill it. What jersey should we buy? Why is Champions League important ($$$)? What team did Brad...
Sea lion or road hazard? Why not both?!

Washington Sea Lion Becomes Adorable Giant Roadblock

A Cowlitz county officer encountered quite obstacle when patrolling over the weekend. "Sergeant Corey Huffine arrived on scene to find a giant sea lion more than 50 miles from the ocean..." WHAT?! How does that even happen?
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Brad Evans Seattle Sounders FC

Brad Evans on 2020 Sounders FC, who to watch...

Brad Evans solidified his time in MLS with two championships and countless minutes played for three (two) teams. But it's the 9 years in Seattle that lead him through the door into a career. He's back as brand ambassador #BrandEvans and judging by the time spent today, he's gonna kill it.
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