Mt Rainier

Quick Photo Trip Up To Mt. Rainier and Paradise

Getting out to Mt Rainier seemed a simple solution to escape the pent up energy of covid quarantine.
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Are there Emos in Australia? The Retournament is somehow still happening despite FC Dallas coming down with so much COVID. Stretch ya neck with Raul. Come get a podcast sandwich of undercooked potatoes and Hot Garbage*. Stabby Rip Stab Stab

*Hot Garbage is no included on the all...
James Blake

This James Blake Piano Cover of Nirvana Though

Whatever, you have 3 minutes for this piece of somber beauty.
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We found the Wizard Bird! By we, we mean you, and by you, we mean Jean and David. The Green Sounders look great, so let’s hope they play those guys in the Returnament. Florida is a HOT MESS but MLS seems to love a challenge, so far the tournament is still on. Could FC Dallas start without their...
Giraffe at Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Aquarium to Reopen

Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium are set to reopen, but with restrictions in place.
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Walt and Ninja

Ladies find guys less attractive when they do this!

You gotta love research studies like this.
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Stonehenge Solstice

How to Stream Solstice Sunrise from Stonehenge

Tonight (6/20/20), at 8:52p Seattle time, you'll be able to catch a live stream of the sunrising symmetrically over Stonehenge.
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