In the least probable outcome, Seattle Sounders FC beat LAFC and Toronto dethroned reigning champs, Atlanta, meaning that for Seattle fans, the cup stops here! Pay Raul Ruidiaz every one of the Peruvian Sol he signed up for (it's a lot - like 20+ Nouhou's worth), Nouhou uses Train-volley +6 to...

Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday, Life Gets Darker...

DST ending SUPER sucks, here's how this silly word problem plays out and makes everything darker...
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Halloween Is So Fun With a Kid

Once upon a time, my boy, Space Baby, was playing with his cars on the ground when we observed him saying "Lewis Hattleman (sic) and Maxverstappen (all one word) go wheel to wheel!" He certainly had absorbed the Formula 1 racing that his parents put on every couple of weekends. When it came time...
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You Can Now Decorate Your Home With Funko's The Office Christmas Figurines

As our pal Gregr once said: Funko HQ in Everett is a wonderful local treasure. He's not wrong! I finally popped into the magical store over the Summer and walked away with some new deskmates! Gah -- I could have spent a ton of -- at @originalfunko! Walked away with a few new desk friends, though...
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Who knew that the best defense was not playing defense at all?! Turns out single-elimination soccer is super fun (and terrifying but mostly fun), especially when you unleash the choo-choo. This week, Sounders could pull the plug on Rimando’s career if anyone is still able to walk after 420 minutes...
Record listening is at a 25 year high

Just A Random Music Memory

Frittata talk led to a great trip down memory lane reminiscing about Fugazi.
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