Nerd Talk: Billy Dee Williams Joining Cast of Episode IX

Put down your Colt 45 ( don't ), according to The Hollywood Reporter , Billy Dee Williams is joining the cast of Star Wars Episode IX . Seems a strange choice to play Princess Leia... Lando Nah, you're right, he's probably just playing Lando again. After the awesome performance of Donald Glover in...
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Watch: Phoenix Live Streamed a Sold Out Show

Phoenix, from France (not Arizona), are a fun band. They teamed up with Pitchfork to stream one of two sold out Brooklyn shows. Watch it here: They play Bumbershoot in September. I will ironically be in France (not Arizona) when they play.
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This week we learned that Obafemi Martins aka Mr. Martins has earings almost as tall as his standing height, Ochocinco wants to beat your ass at FIFA, Sounders FC have a daunting week ahead against one crap and one not so crap team. Please hit us with a review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes - or...


The Mystery Pop Machine Is Missing!

It's like a scene out of a dystopian Japanese alter-reality, the lone standing, filthy, graffiti-covered pop machine on Seattle's Capitol Hill. No one knows who owns or maintains it. What we do know... It's missing. The mystery soda machine in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood has vanished. https...
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