That One Time...I Almost Killed Silversun Pickups

It's no surprise that being a world (city) famous (barely) radio star comes with a pretty sweet lifestyle, and a lot of times I find myself in situations where all I can think of is "can you believe this?!" For the sake of entertainment (for you) and embarrassment (for me), I thought it would be...
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The best way to celebrate National Pizza Day in Seattle

Everyone's favorite holiday is back! Happy National Pizza Day to you, the brothers and sisters of the church of cheese, the monks of marinara, and even you, Poperoni . We are here to help you celebrate this sacred day for the disciples of the deep dish. Here are the best spots in Seattle to grab a...
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Sunglasses that pay for stuff

Nerd Talk: Sunglasses that can buy you beers

An Australian sunglasses company, Local Supply, paired up with Visa to make a tap-to-pay set of glasses called WaveShades. Headed to the beach for a rare Seattle sunshine day where people will steal anything you leave behind? Ditch your wallet locked in the trunk and just wear your money on your...
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Stomping Grounds: Best places to go in Edmonds

Supported by Uber : Just about 15 miles north of downtown Seattle you can experience an "Edmonds Kind of Day." Why does the town uses that mantra? I don’t exactly know, but you may see quite a few of those bumper stickers around town. I moved to Edmonds in 2008 when I was looking to buy a home...
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This is the most expensive condo ever for sale in Seattle

It's official. Seattle Condos have finally transcended to the next level of expensive , leaving the "stupidly expensive" range and officially reaching the "Wait, people make that much money here?" category. What does $2,000 rent get you in 10 different Seattle neighborhoods? A Belltown penthouse in...
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