One of the most grooving DJs you'll find in Mexico is JC, so I was fortunate to meet him in Mexico City a few months ago. He has a fresh new set that I aired part of for this week's guest mix. -Zach Check out the full Subtronic Playlist: Zach Van Lue 10p - 1a SET ONE Flux Pavillion & Matthew...
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What is the worst state in America?

What is the worst state you could possibly be in right this minute? According to a Buzzfeed poll, New Jersey ain't lookin' too hot right now. VOTE: Which TV/Movie President should run the USA instead of the current candidates? New Jersey ranks as the worst state in America, according to Buzzfeed...
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Andrew W.K. and Gregr

End Recommends: Andrew WK at Neumos

Holy crap. I just got to talk to Andrew W.K. in person! He's a guy that for my entire adult life has been encouraging me to PARTY! At a time when our country feels like your shoes do when they're stuck in the mud while out photographing tulips, Andrew W.K. takes his own political party, the Party...
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#sEATtle: Pho Bac

I like to eat. A lot. Food is bae. Therefore, I figured I would post reviews of the places I go to give you a little insight and maybe some ideas on where you might want to nom with your friends or special someones. Plus, it gives me an excuse to pig out on Seattle's best eats and not feel bad...
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Vote in The End's Alternative Election!

Supported By Heritage Distilling Company: No matter which side you’re on, it’s impossible to not be exposed to all of the campaign coverage leading up to November 8th, so The End is having some fun with our own Alternative Election! Vote for which fake president should run our real world! Here’s...
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The END zone: NFL Week 4 Preview

Earlier this week, football took a back seat to the Presidential Debate/longest opening sketch from SNL ever. By all measurable standards Hillary Clinton, America's most powerful soccer mom, defeated Donald Trump, an angry pumpkin with the sniffles. The REAL winner, however, was the internet. Hot...
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VINYL DIG: The DFA Remixes

Every week, I dig through my record collection. Sometimes it's to discover long forgotten gems or B-sides. Other times it's to clean house and lighten the load. Here's what surfaced from the stack this week: Record: The DFA Remixes Year: 2006 Track: Gorillaz ‘Dare' Video of Gorillaz - Dare (DFA...
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