Seattle Superman Jonathan Belle takes stunning must-see photos across the Emerald City

Watch out, Metropolis. Seattle has it's own "Superman" and instead of Clark Kent flying around the city, it's photographer and designer Jonathan Belle .
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Maybe That Wasn't a Red Card For Clint Dempsey

"Quickly, Seattle just lost again, to Twitter!" This feels like the overwhelming fan reaction from Sunday's 0-3 drubbing by FC Frisco. #EveryoneOut A match where Dempsey got his annual red card out of the way early, his gaff left the team with no strikers - rumor has it the GM has temporarily...
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Nerd Talk: Programmer Makes Bot To Capture Seattle Sunsets and the Time-lapses are Insanely Beautiful

A Seattle programmer found a way to keep us from ever having to miss a gorgeous sunset again, and he's made the code for it available for free! We keep ourselves so busy feeding the big data machine with modern circuit training - two minutes on Facebook - switch - two minutes on Instagram - switch...
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What a Crappy Couple of Weeks For Seattle Soccer. Are Sounders FC ready for Dallas?

What a crappy couple weeks for Seattle Sounders FC. Tuck your shirt back into your underwear, it's way too early to freak out, unless you're a drunk fan on Twitter. In that case, let loose, nothing will ever be enough for you! Subscribe to Full 90 on iTunes or anywhere else you get your podcasts...
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