guitar hero

Guitar Hero puts the rest of us to shame

Try not to laugh in disbelief as GHAddict slays Dragonforce TTFAF.
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Mega Man mug

Mega Man 2 Boss Stage Songs Ranked

8 levels, one super villain and the music that takes you through the journey.
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People Seem Mad About the Games List For PlayStation Mini

Sony dropped the full list of games for the PlayStation classic - a $99 miniaturized throwback to the disc spinning original announced in September - and there are some massive time-sucking titles like Final Fantasy VII or quick fixes the likes of Tekken 3. When I announced the changes on Facebook...
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Sony To Deliver The PlayStation Classic In December

A tiny PlayStation 1 filled with games and HDMI ready will drop December 3, 2018, setting you back $99. Check out the trailer below. I hadn't thought about PS1 for a minute and now the memories are all flooding back. We must have played a million matches in Tekken 3 - Yoshimitsu, Jin, that giant...
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Sega Forever

Nerd Talk: Sega Revives The 90's Straight To Your Smartphone

Forget having to buy some dumb console at the holiday that's impossible to find featuring cords that don't reach the couch, Sega went and set everyone straight by announcing Sega Forever , an iOS and Android platform to deliver the 90's straight to your smartphone! Video of SEGA Forever launch...
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Neil deGrasse Tyson Needs Your Help Making a Video Game

Neil deGrasse Tyson is taking his love of space science and making a freakin' video game. Unless it’s Number Munchers (or Word Munchers), I'm pretty skeptical of all learning oriented video games, but when it comes to Captain Space Pants' quest to teach us how the universe works, you’ve got my...
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It's Mario!

There's a New Mario Game and You Can Be A T-Rex!

LOOK AT THAT MAJESTY! Nintendo's E3 presentation just took the excitement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and backed it up with some amazing looking game titles that we'll play in the next year including a staple character's new adventure: Super Mario Odyssey . Nintendo's focus on...
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