Nerd Talk

Asian Giant Hornet being held

They sucked up all those murder hornets!

A team from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, dressed like astronauts, destroyed a newly discovered Asian giant hornet nest.
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Whole Foods Shopping Bag

Keep your distance with Whole Foods free curbside grocery service

Amazon Prime members will be able to schedule curbside grocery pickup at Whole Foods stores across the country.
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Washington State Ferry Leaves Mukilteo for Clinton, WA

Lightning struck a Washington State Ferry while in service!

No one was in much danger, but maybe some undies needed to be changed after the M/V Puyallup got struck.
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SpaceX Falcon 9 landing

Washington Hoh Tribe is amongst the first to trial Elon Musk's Starlink space internet.

Elon Musk's Starlink hopes to bring highspeed internet to places on Earth it previously could not reach.
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Yesterday was a bad day for Seattle history as one local chain went national and we're losing that iconic neon corner. I've got big feelings about that Elephant Carwash going away - but what will happen to the pink sign?! Listen up!
Today we talk about mental health and I probably bum you out. Or just celebrate that October is here and I have ample Triscuit news.
Triscuit crackers

No One:... Some Guy: Why are they called Triscuits?

Someone find Pikachu, this is about to get electric!
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