New Music Discovery

Seattle Local Band, Variations

Locals Only Artist Of The Month: Variations

Every Sunday before Locals Only I do a deep dive into the Locals Only email ( ) to check out the new music that has been sent over. Some of it makes it on the show, some of it doesn't. Every now and then I hit play and something completely exceptional comes out. That's...
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Travis Thompson

Locals Only Playlist: November 24th with Travis Thompson and Moody Bear

This week on Locals Only we had two great guests in studio. In the first hour we were joined by local rapper Travis Thompson who has very much been on the rise this year. Back in September he released his album Wreckless Endangerment and it is from top to bottom one of the best albums out this year...
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New Music Discovery: What Alyssa is Listening To Right Now

The year isn't over yet, some of our favorite bands and artists are not done gifting us with new tunes and I am OK with that! Music is life and sharing is caring, so take a listen to the new songs below and let me know if you're feeling any of them: Awolnation - The Best - This is the first new...
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Locals Only: New Music From Local Bands You Should Be Listening To!

There have been a ton of great releases from some of our favorite Locals Only artists recently. On top of that, there have been some great releases from local bands that are quickly becoming our new favorites, so it's probably a good time to dive into some of that stuff right now. Say Hi - A...
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Locals Only Playlist: November 10th with Mary Lambert and Antonioni

We had a show full of great guests and fantastic music this week on Locals Only. In the first hour we were all things Freakout Fest with Skyler from Freakout in studio and local band Antonioni sharing some of their favorite local artists from the Freakout Fest lineup. In addition to schooling us on...
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Locals Only Playlist: November 3rd with Fretland

We were back to making new friends on Sunday when Snohomish outfit Fretland stopped by. Just last week we played their new single Long Haul on Locals Only. You see, the band doesn't actually have an album out yet so the release of the new track was big news for sure. We spent time talking with...
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Ben Zaidi

Earlier this year local artist Ben Zaidi released his latest album Abandonism. He teamed up with Seattle producer Budo and together they made something pretty amazing. Abandonism was so good that Ben Zaidi even made a short film of the same name to go along with it then that short film won best...
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Locals Only Playlist: October 27th with Sylvi

We got to enjoy a bunch of new music premiers on Locals Only this week. Everett artist Sarah Feinberg came by to talk about her new project Sylvi. Locals Only fans probably know Sarah for her work in local bands Tellers and I Will Keep Your Ghost. On Sylvi she wanted to get back to her roots a bit...
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The Regrettes Are Getting Into The Holiday Spirit Early With New Song

Supported by You're probably still washing off that awesomely freaky makeup from your Halloween festivies this past weekend, but The Regrettes are already gearing up for the holidays! The band that's keeping punk alive just released a tongue-in-cheek Christmas tune featuring Dylan...
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Locals Only playlist: October 20th

We played all new music on Locals Only last Sunday. There weren't any guests on the show so I took a deep dive into the Locals Only email and searched for all the best tracks we've never played on the show. There was a lot to be excited about. We played new music from Perfume Genius, Taylar Elizza...
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