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Hozier covers the Arctic Monkeys and it's beautiful!

Try to prepare yourself for this one: Hozier recently did a cover of "Do I Wanna Know?" by the Arctic Monkeys! While the Arctic Monkeys ooze rockstar sexuality in their songs, Hozier is all about the emotional ballads that give you goosebumps. So naturally, the Irish musician has somehow managed to...
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More Insight Into Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways'

I haven't been this excited about a Foo Fighters record since Dave got off the road with QOTSA and prepared to launch One by One . Thanks to videos like this talking about being in Seattle, working with Albini, going to DC's Inner Ear studios and hanging out with Ian MacKaye, the launch day for...
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Watch: Jack White's New Video For 'Would You Fight For My Love'

It a move that should surprise absolutely NO ONE, Mr White released his new video and it's flooded with the blue and black imagery of his now two album solo career. The dude sure does commit to an idea. Also, is the color selection of black and blue a metaphor for how Jack's feeling on the inside?...
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Watch: Death From Above 1979 Thunder on 'the Late Show'

This certainly isn't the cleanest performance I've seen on TV, and I wish the bass was turned up louder to things could be muddier, BUT this is quite the face melting band. Celebrating the release of The Physical World, DFA1979, with the help of the Late Show band, thundered through "Trainwreck...
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Listen: New Music from Weezer "Cleopatra"

Woah, I think "Back to the Shack" is a bit of silly song trying to convince you that the old Weezer is back. Fine. "We'll see", I thought. Then the band goes and gives us a second sample from Everything Will Be Alright in the End and it's got all the Weezer-y things I've been missing from the band...
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