Sounders FC are in Pemco commercial standoff “you have the last piece, no really I mean it, you sure? Does anyone else want it? No no I’m actually full anyway, are you for real sure?” fight for a spot in the playoffs with six other teams. Seattle travels to the Longest Outdoor Bar in North America...

Go Inside the Iconic Career of Phish on 'Long May They Run'

One of the best live bands in history didn’t get there overnight. Over the course of thirty years, Phish has built an experience, changing the touring industry and impacting the world of music forever. Their shows are unforgettable, and their fans are relentless. A new breed of devotion and a group...
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The army of clones in Rave Green march their way back home to decisively (and terrifyingly) beat the Red Bulls, but it’s the next few that count. We talk fans leaving, V-Rod coming back, and the weird feels of a quiet stadium.

With 5 Matches Left in 2019, Sunday Is Massive

With five matches remaining, Sounders FC need some big wins.
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A ragtag group of children go to Colorado and get beat by a bleached brazilian who may or may not have a brazilian. We join Fan Outrage to get mad at international breaks and talk about just how much the next 5 matches mean for the Sounders. Buckle up, because Wavictor Wadriguez has the wheel, and...