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Japan found the cure for coronavirus*, injury (duty) issues are already a concern, and finally Branden can stop with the fear poops - it's a good thing because Seattle bought up all the toilet paper in the region. Does anyone need any left shoes? Bonus points if you score a goal involving the Crew...
Sounders FC legend, Brad Evans, took a year with his wife to hop in the airstream and see all the parks. He's back with Sounders FC as a brand ambassador #BrandEvans and judging by this chat, he's gonna kill it. What jersey should we buy? Why is Champions League important ($$$)? What team did Brad...
Brad Evans Seattle Sounders FC

Brad Evans on 2020 Sounders FC, who to watch...

Brad Evans solidified his time in MLS with two championships and countless minutes played for three (two) teams. But it's the 9 years in Seattle that lead him through the door into a career. He's back as brand ambassador #BrandEvans and judging by the time spent today, he's gonna kill it.
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While the hype train pulls from the station fresh with a second star painted on the coal car, another season is about to swing into action in Pierce County. Tacoma Defiance look to generate a little upward momentum this season after finishing so strong in 2019. Dave is a chief content creator and...