No more GAM or TAM, it’s all about what we do with the BAM. Roman Torres got Samurai Jacked and now the Sounders back line us up against it this week. Bruce and the Revolution visit to make Doves Cry. Revs are heading up as Sounders head down, it’ll be a match that could show for both teams what...
I think too much about planets... I never finished a point about how if we didn't see one specific show, I'm not sure my boy would be headed in his current direction!
Have we seen the last of Brad Bradsmith? Sounders get three points in Houston with a Jordan Morris sombrero, and another dude coming untucked, but next up it’s some people from Kansas (or Missouri who tf knows) with a weird old mascot! A new signing could be on the way, but that could mean the end...
Barns Courtney has roots here in Seattle but he has grown and that brain of his is quick! We jump right in and things get naughty right out of the gate, so, put on your adult ears... you've been warned. Our shirtless wonder will answer the important questions: 

Is it as small as they...
Hint - if you see a Portland goalkeeper outside the CenturyLink parking garage, tell him he sucks. We preview the match against Houston who are doing an opposite Sounders, but who effing cares we’re all still mad about last week. Where is Arreaga? Can we all do karate like Zlatan? Buy Clint Dempsey...