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Big pod question: if Brad Bradsmith/Bradsith was a jedi, what color lightsaber would that dude swing? He's been an incredible defender but the dude also rockets in offensive crosses like crazy. Also, MLS - unless your goal is to get everyone diamond status - you need to chill on the cross country...

Wait a second...Houston is good? Sounders pick up two new players (#SpaceBuns). Like Bob Ross, Sounders love drawing and are #Warm going into this weekend’s match against Dynamo. Also, someone on the team is pregnant? It’s #DefinitelyNotABaby.

Partying with MLS DisCo, Cristian Roldan gets the Ted Card, and the whole world goes bonkers. Sounders travel north of the wall this week to see an old Cuban guy who is probably mad at them. Maybe the Rave Green will save money on flights by only fielding 2 players on the bench?
His is the deep booming voice to whom you've yelled but likely never spoken. He's James Woollard, stadium announcer for Seattle Sounders FC at CenturyLink Field, and he bellows first names to which you celebrate by shouting the corresponding last name each and every time a home goal is scored!...
Yo - i goofed up and uploaded raw audio instead of the finished product. My bad - please disregard the other file. This week its 100% on me! -Gregr. It was a massive week for Seattle Sounders FC… U-17 who won the Generation Adidas Cup. The opposite can be said for first team Sounders FC who went to...
Freelance sports writing machine, Ari Liljenwall (@arililjenwall) gives us a glimpse of life as an independent journalist covering teams like Seattle Sounders FC. He busy sprinkling in the hot takes like it's salt on french fries while our Branden is off viewing art wrong in Europe. We cover...
F90ET hits the road for only the second 0-0 draw of any match this MLS Season. Hit the road with us to learn about Turfbonis, how to convert Canadian to American (it's 420), and how to park a bus in Vancouver. So long Vancouver, and thanks for all  the farts.

I Want Your Voice for Diiiiiid The Mariners Win?!

The morning after every Mariners game, we always ask the important question: Did the Mariners win? After years of asking, I got some friends and family and listeners to ask that question for me. Here's your chance to get on the air! Help me ask the big question every morning: Diiiiid the Mariners...
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Jordan Morris did something good, so you know Eddie Johnson is mad somewhere. This week on the pod, we break down how our players did on international duty (lol doodie), and more importantly, which two Sounders should sumo wrestle each other (hint: biggest boi is one of them). Also, we’ll be in...
It's the best start since 2009 - for the Sounders FC, not this pod. If we have to be critical, where do we point our improvement finger? How much TAM do we have? What kind of car did Branden buy? HARD hitting analysis inside - get it! Also, it's a bye week...