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A special Earth Day edition of Full 90 Extra Time where Gregr and Branden do nothing special for Earth day (but we did acknowledge some hot garbage).

This episode we:
Breaking down Nouhou's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Celebrate the first point (and GOALS!) of...
Steve Zakuani

CRISIS ALERT! Steve Zakuani Talks Us off The Crisis Cliff

No wins. No points. No goals. This sounds like the recipe for everyone to freak out, enter crisis mode, and fly our fandom super star destroyer head first into the Death Star. Luckily, we know someone with a much cooler head - both philosophically and hair-stylic-ly (?). Steve Zakuani is a...
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Something something Sporking. Sounders broadcaster/former player/podcast-haver Steve Zakuani came by to talk about the Sounders' rough start to the 2018 season, his favorite Sounder of all time, and his upcoming 'Zakuani and Friends' charity soccer match featuring Obafemi Martins, Chad Ochocinco,...

Russell Wilson Pops Up on The Joel McHale Show

For years when a celebrity's name got mentioned in the same sentence as Joel McHale, (possibly uncomfortable) giggles would follow. Then The Soup came to an end and our childish teasing of terrible TV left a programming vacuum. Luckily, we have Netflix and Joel McHale still exists... Introducing...
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Full 90 Extra Time: Sounders FC are in Last Place

"It's a long season" is a fine sentiment when your favorite team is struggling, but at some point, these matches are supposed to be fun and give the fans the sense that anything is going well. This puts big pressure on a Seattle team who've been bounced from a major tournament while failing to walk...
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