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Russell Wilson Pops Up on The Joel McHale Show

For years when a celebrity's name got mentioned in the same sentence as Joel McHale, (possibly uncomfortable) giggles would follow. Then The Soup came to an end and our childish teasing of terrible TV left a programming vacuum. Luckily, we have Netflix and Joel McHale still exists... Introducing...
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Full 90 Extra Time: Sounders FC are in Last Place

"It's a long season" is a fine sentiment when your favorite team is struggling, but at some point, these matches are supposed to be fun and give the fans the sense that anything is going well. This puts big pressure on a Seattle team who've been bounced from a major tournament while failing to walk...
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After a bye week from Seattle, we (for once) do ourselves a favor by looking at where the team stands amongst the rest of the league. It is not good. Things to look forward to during this weekend's matchup against Montreal Impact... GOALS!

Sound Transit offering Free Light Rail Rides to Safeco with your Mariners Ticket

The Seattle Mariners and Sound Transit are teaming up to make getting to the ballpark easier - by making it free! From opening day until June 3, your baseball ticket - printed or digital - will also be valid as a ticket for the Link Lightrail! It's near damn impossible to drive near the stadium on...
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Maybe That Wasn't a Red Card For Clint Dempsey

"Quickly, Seattle just lost again, to Twitter!" This feels like the overwhelming fan reaction from Sunday's 0-3 drubbing by FC Frisco. #EveryoneOut A match where Dempsey got his annual red card out of the way early, his gaff left the team with no strikers - rumor has it the GM has temporarily...
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What a Crappy Couple of Weeks For Seattle Soccer. Are Sounders FC ready for Dallas?

What a crappy couple weeks for Seattle Sounders FC. Tuck your shirt back into your underwear, it's way too early to freak out, unless you're a drunk fan on Twitter. In that case, let loose, nothing will ever be enough for you! Subscribe to Full 90 on iTunes or anywhere else you get your podcasts...
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There are So Many Sounders Matches!!

I feel bad for my friends that don't follow soccer that are trying to get into Sounders FC this season - excuse me, the back-to-back MLS Western Conference Champion Sounders FC. I feel bad because right when the season starts, a huge tournament to prove who's the baddest club in North and Central...
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Ichiro is back! Here is the time I wore my Ichiro Jersey to Tokyo

Holy crap cat, Ichiro is back! This time not as a shared bobblehead with him playing right field in the wrong jersey... by Sean Girvan ('sup dummy) The media covered this with hot takes about what this means for the Mariners and questions about Ichiro's abilities, but I'm much more interested in...
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Just Like Sounders FC, the Full 90 Extra Time Podcast Is Back

It's no secret, I love Seattle Sounders FC. Much like the Yet-To-Be-Named hockey team and the Sonics 2.0 will be embraced by the Amazon blob that took over South Lake Union*, I moved to Seattle weeks after the first SSFC match. Other than a couple thousand people who have followed the team since...
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