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It's Official - Hockey is Back in Seattle!

Supported by No offense to the T-Birds, but Seattle is getting big time, top-flight hockey back for the first time since those old-timey phonographs used the giant horns to play old-timey pocket watch and monocle music. The board of super villains who run profession sports met and...
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The weirdest season ended in an appropriately strange way. One helluva battle broke out at CenturyLink featuring extra time, tons of goals, and the dreaded penalty kick shootout. Things may not have gone Seattle's way, but it's hard to imagine a more exciting soccer match to decide the fate of the...
This week on Full 90 Extra Time, Sounders have their back up against a wall but at least the referee isn't laughing at them as they pretend they are a helicopter in the corner. Find out how Sounders advance to the next round. Also, we originally uploaded this with a title that, while unintentional...
Sunday's match was the last three seasons wrapped up into 90 minutes - A sloppy first half with a new signing coming to the rescue! Sounders set a record,  somehow earn a bye, and #FanOutrage hits close to home. See you all at the Musem of Monstercross.
We're back! Hey, if Sounders FC can take the first four months of the season off, we can have a couple weeks!

Sounders FC are in the playoffs, but this weekend's MLS Decision Day will determine where Seattle cedes.
Don't do the playoff math, it's impossible.
Ibra can do...
4-0 makes for a lot of silliness, so does Gregr drinking two beers before we start...
The Bite of Seattle could take on a whole new meaning. Our new central defense pairing is out of this world. We're gonna need someone to make the dopest Full 90 Extra Time shirts of ever. Listen up! 

NFL Week 4 Preview: That's a flag!

Before we begin, I want to acknowledge that the only thing more annoying than complaining about your fantasy football players is complaining about the refs. That said, I AM GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE REFS. Seriously, what the hell is going on this year with the roughing the passer penalties? Just...
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Ever since Gregr got back from Europe, someone left the hamstring ripper plugged in. We're not saying it was him, but also, pretty big coincidence... Seattle is still one foot in on the playoffs hokey pokey, but they've got many fans (us) worried. The word "turd" gets thrown around alot and we...

Seahawks to Start Offering Value Combos, Pregame Discounts

According to this wonderful tweet, looks like the Seahawks are trying to make the in stadium experience a better option for families (once you have tickets): The @seahawks will be the latest NFL team to go to value pricing, first done by Falcons. — Darren Rovell (@...
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The last time Gregr podcasted was Freddy Montero still a Sounder? Seattle has gone 9 (8) straight without dropping a point yet somehow are in a worse position than when we last cast... curious.