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Is Brian Schmetzer the right guy for the job, regardless of whether or not he has the locker room? Our podcast is the reason the Sounders aren't very good (that, and itchy nipples).
After we work our way through terrorist-metal (the worst music genre), we have a ton of ground to cover including: an embarrassing loss, huge win, and the biggest boi at the 2018 World Cup.
We wrote Sounders FC into a horror movie starring a ragtag group of teenagers, their geology teacher (Chad Marshall), a curmudgeonly parent chaperone (Clint Dempsey), and a guidance counselor who insists you "Just call him Brian."

It is #HotGarbageHotGarbage

We Figured Out How To Solve The Boring Soccer Problem

After their third bye-week (tri-bye?) in only nine matches, Sounders FC are finally heading back to competition this weekend and it's at home so at least the in-game beers will be $9.75... This season is proving to be quite the challenge for a team that now just skips the middle man and travels...
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Can this Sounders FC team compete in the playoffs? We can't seem to agree. Kim Kee-Hee's hair was bleeding, people hate Clint Dempsey, and hey, at least the Cascadia Cup is still in play I guess. All that and more this week on #F90ET. #HotGarbageHotGarbage

It's the 100th match between Sounders FC and Fartland Timbers

100 matches dating back to 1975 - this may be the biggest soccer rivalry in the entire USA. This thing comes with years of baggage: teasing, chanting, banners, scarf theft, and so many snarky internets! Though the stakes aren't clear yet, this Sunday will give us a benchmark demonstrating the...
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