So You're In Seattle

So, You're In Seattle... Donna Prior of OrcaCon

So, You're In Seattle... Donna Prior of Orcacon

Monopoly, battleship, trivial pursuit - all huge names that come to mind when I think of tabletop gaming - a newer name to that group Settlers of Catan is becoming a household regular favorite. Don’t forget the classic roleplay of Dungeons and Dragons or table top king, Magic the Gathering. That’s...
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A man whose world experience far surpasses his age, Nick has toured the country in a rock band, wandered the jungles, peninsulas, and archipelagos of the far east, and applied his hand as an apple picker in eastern Washington.
An artist who works in pencil, he's Keegan Hall. While art should be left to stand as expression, when collaborations with guys like Kam Chancellor or Macklemore and Ryan Lewis show up, it’s time to take notice in what a person is capable of achieving and who they can move. He’s as humble in his...
The resurgence of vinyl records not only makes music collecting cool again, but it's also inpsired people like Shawn and Taylor to make art from LP's. They've started a company, Skylinyl, combining the worlds or vinyl and skylines. It's a fun talk about how art inspires art and how to make a living...
Seth is co-creator a Lake Union escape room, Hourglass Escapes. His journey to get there involves monsters, robots, makeup and wax! We're back for another season, and Seth is the exact type of super fascinating Seattleite that I love talking to!
So, You're In Seattle... Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

So, You're in Seattle... Seth Wolfson of Hourglass Escapes

Seth Wolfson isn’t just the co-creator of Hourglass Escapes - a top notch Lake Union puzzle room - he’s also a man who grew up entrenched in a world of movie makeup, special effects, and animatronics. Hearing him talk about making wax sculptures, working for Universal Studios, and the road to get...
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Brad Evans signed a jersey for us!

So, You're In Seattle... Brad Evans

Since day one of Seattle Sounders FC joining the MLS and having that first kick against the New York Red Bulls, they’ve included The End in the fun in some way, shape or form. We had Kasey Keller guest host our morning show and write a blog, we gave away a zillion tickets, and we’ve been to so many...
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Mike Klay tackled the enormous task of organizing Flatstock 56 - a gathering of concert poster artists that takes place annually at Bumbershoot. An artist himself, he tells us about how the posters are made, displayed, and the travel some artists go through for the community.

The Scoop Behind Flatstock

Bumbershoot isn’t just the Space Needle towering over the awesome Seattle Center as bands play, break dancers dance, and comedians tell jokes. For me, a serious part of Labor Day weekend is gawking at all the colors and ink of Flatstock! Flatstock is the gathering of graphic poster artists. Booth...
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