So You're In Seattle

So, You're In Seattle: Gregr interviewed by Ronnie the Student

The whole purpose of So, You're In Seattle is for me to talk to people about what it is they do in Seattle. Those things may be for one night when Jack Antonoff is in town visiting to promote his new band, or just another End DJ. Regardless, I was a bit surprised when a dude that loves radio, had...
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So, You're In Seattle: Vance Joy + Riptide Acoustic

It's not often that bands and the legal system are mentioned in the same sentence with a positive conclusion. While Australian singer Vance Joy worked towards a degree in law, he wrote a song on the side that landed him a huge record contract. Now Vance is holed up at Bear Creek Studios in...
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So, You're In Seattle: Sean Girvan

Having grown up in a family full of military service, it dawned on me that I had very little working knowledge of anything but the US Army. JBLM is awesome, but I realize that I'm pretty deficient with first hand info about the branch of the military that makes the most sense for our region - the...
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So, You're In Seattle: Dwight Small and His Excellent Mustache

Dwight's mustache has been around longer than his marriage! He's the engineer who's done radio longer than anyone else in the building - because he's a badass. The dude keeps the station on the air with his electrical engineering prowess. While the rest of us are effectively paid clowns, Dwight...
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