Sounders FC

After we work our way through terrorist-metal (the worst music genre), we have a ton of ground to cover including: an embarrassing loss, huge win, and the biggest boi at the 2018 World Cup.


We Figured Out How To Solve The Boring Soccer Problem

After their third bye-week (tri-bye?) in only nine matches, Sounders FC are finally heading back to competition this weekend and it's at home so at least the in-game beers will be $9.75... This season is proving to be quite the challenge for a team that now just skips the middle man and travels...
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Can this Sounders FC team compete in the playoffs? We can't seem to agree. Kim Kee-Hee's hair was bleeding, people hate Clint Dempsey, and hey, at least the Cascadia Cup is still in play I guess. All that and more this week on #F90ET. #HotGarbageHotGarbage


It's the 100th match between Sounders FC and Fartland Timbers

100 matches dating back to 1975 - this may be the biggest soccer rivalry in the entire USA. This thing comes with years of baggage: teasing, chanting, banners, scarf theft, and so many snarky internets! Though the stakes aren't clear yet, this Sunday will give us a benchmark demonstrating the...
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