Just like Sumo in September, we’re back! Just in time to see LITERALLY (not literally) EVERY PLAYER leave. Sounders break out the jazz piano for Kitman to play left back (‘member when we had 3?) and Cristian Roldan is best friends with Ciara. Colorado is bad, but Hey baby, they hear the blues a-...
Yes, we had THAT conversation. Could you fire your own dad? Sounders‘ new dad is Zlatan and they are one bad result from being below the line. Cascadia Cup is up for grabs as Sounders travel to a LITERAL butt to play the Timbers, a team they haven’t beat this year. Don’t buy Timber Joey’s Etsy...
Russell Wilson completes takeover of Seattle buying part of the Sounders from Joe Roth, which paves the way for linebacker Roman Torres. Listen to Ciara do 1-2 Step-overs while figuring who exactly owns the Sounders now and if we should be cool with this.
Sounders are facing the two biggest matches of the season and could end up anywhere between second and eighth depending on how it goes. Fan Outrage is BACK and it’s pissed about three matches in eight days. Sounders made two new signings, and playing FIFA might have told us how the next two matches...
No more GAM or TAM, it’s all about what we do with the BAM. Roman Torres got Samurai Jacked and now the Sounders back line us up against it this week. Bruce and the Revolution visit to make Doves Cry. Revs are heading up as Sounders head down, it’ll be a match that could show for both teams what...
Have we seen the last of Brad Bradsmith? Sounders get three points in Houston with a Jordan Morris sombrero, and another dude coming untucked, but next up it’s some people from Kansas (or Missouri who tf knows) with a weird old mascot! A new signing could be on the way, but that could mean the end...
Hint - if you see a Portland goalkeeper outside the CenturyLink parking garage, tell him he sucks. We preview the match against Houston who are doing an opposite Sounders, but who effing cares we’re all still mad about last week. Where is Arreaga? Can we all do karate like Zlatan? Buy Clint Dempsey...
The Sounders play moneybald and it pays off against Atlanta. Learn German and why Harry Shipp is the Charlie Day of Seattle as we break down why Fartland sucks and you NEVER LEAVE AT HALFTIME.

So, What Are the Top 5 Sounders FC Goals of All Time?

Following that bit of individual goal sorcery on Sunday, our Sounders FC specific Full 90 - Extra Time podcast got to thinking about the best goals in Sounders FC history. Did you know that in just ten years, Seattle Sounders FC has two Goal of the Year winners? (Ianni '12 and Martins in '14)...
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Sounders are back in Seattle and we burned down an apartment! Not really, but it was close. Seattle faces Atlanta who are playing outside the comfort of Megatron’s Butthole where they haven’t fared too well. Transfer window talk, Cridan Mordan is back, and congrats USWNT who deserve to be the...