The weirdest season ended in an appropriately strange way. One helluva battle broke out at CenturyLink featuring extra time, tons of goals, and the dreaded penalty kick shootout. Things may not have gone Seattle's way, but it's hard to imagine a more exciting soccer match to decide the fate of the...

NFL Week 9 Preview:

I got in to a car accident last week, and it sucks. Don't drive like jerks, you guys. Carolina vs Pittsburgh - Le'Veon Bell is back in Pittsburgh! Playing basketball at the local LA Fitness! THEY DON'T GIVE OUT FANTASY FOOTBALL POINTS FOR JUMPERS LE'VEON, GET TO WORK!!!! Seriously though, if you...
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This week on Full 90 Extra Time, Sounders have their back up against a wall but at least the referee isn't laughing at them as they pretend they are a helicopter in the corner. Find out how Sounders advance to the next round. Also, we originally uploaded this with a title that, while unintentional...

NFL Week 9: Make Halloween Great Again

Happy Halloween friends! I hope you are enjoying this blog with a full sized Snickers stolen successfully from your kid's candy stash. I find Snickers pairs best with red hot football takes personally. I miss trick or treating and think that its a crime against humanity that we collectively decided...
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Sunday's match was the last three seasons wrapped up into 90 minutes - A sloppy first half with a new signing coming to the rescue! Sounders set a record,  somehow earn a bye, and #FanOutrage hits close to home. See you all at the Musem of Monstercross.

NFL Week 8 Preview: These Picks Are Haunted

Halloween is upon us once again, and once again I have failed in my mission to visit a "real" haunted house. Maybe one of these years I won't wait until October 25th to start looking at potential sites? DOUBTFUL. You ever been to one? I remember once when I was in high school a friend and I went on...
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NFL Week 6 Preview: 'Ello Guv'nah!

The Seahawks play The Raiders this week in London! What a great excuse to wake up early, eat some baked beans for breakfast (still weird) and say things like "guvnah!" and "cheerio!" all day until you pass out from too many Boddingtons. Like REAL Brits! Except the NFL idiots moved the game to the...
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NFL Week 5 Preview:

The Legion of Boom era officially ended in disappointing fashion last week when safety Earl Thomas went down with a broken leg. Thomas, as you know, was engaged in a war of words with the team regarding his contract, but unlike Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell, who has decided to sit out until he gets his...
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4-0 makes for a lot of silliness, so does Gregr drinking two beers before we start...
The Bite of Seattle could take on a whole new meaning. Our new central defense pairing is out of this world. We're gonna need someone to make the dopest Full 90 Extra Time shirts of ever. Listen up!