The END Zone: NFL Week 8 Preview

We are eight(!) weeks into the NFL season already, which is crazy. What's even crazier, is we still have no idea who half the teams in this league are. The Packers are maybe not good? Detroit is a sleeper team? THE RAIDERS???? Even the Seahawks have been Jekyll and Hyde this year. Weird. Some will...
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6 Teams to Root For Until The Sonics Come Back

The NBA season kicked off last night,and ever since the NBA robbed the Emerald City of our beloved SuperSonics, you may not have given it much thought. But you should, because the NBA is pretty great right now. Plus after Tuesday's big stadium news , we are closer than ever to the return of...
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How to Sounders Good

How to Sounders Good: WIN ON SUNDAY

It's pretty stupidly simple: if the Sounders FC win tomorrow at home, they're in the playoffs. If they win tomorrow, they'll take the pitch for a knockout playoff match in Seattle. Just win, gentlemen. Listen to the Full 90 Extra Time podcast with Ross Fletcher and Gregr . Four teams have a shot at...
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The END Zone: NFL Week 7 Preview

For the most part, I really enjoy living alone. No one leaving dirty dishes in my sink, no one killing the battery on my PS4 controller, and no one yelling at me to put pants on. Pretty sweet gig. The only real drawback is the cooking situation. This week I made tacos, which are awesome. I love...
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The END Zone: NFL Week 6 Preview

Donald Trump, possible President of the United States/probable human/carrot hybrid, found himself in some serious hot water after a tape from 2005 leaked of him saying truly awful things about women during a discussion with Billy Bush, America's newly crowned most disliked Bush . Bush has since...
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The END Zone: NFL Week 3 Preview

I didn't get to watch much football last weekend because I had friends in town and had to take them around the city. During football season, I propose all vacations should be reserved for mid week, that way you can get some much needed time off work, see some crap, and still not lose out on any...
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The END zone- NFL Week 1 Preview

Football is BACK! Our long sad summer of baseball (boring) and the Summer Olympics (boring-er) is finally over, and it couldn't come a moment too soon. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how can Taijuan Walker look so good and so bad at the same time and here are the days of trying to...
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Hear 2 Sounders FC matches live on The End

If you like music and soccer, hold on to your butts, because we have some fun news. You'll be able to hear Seattle Sounders FC broadcasting live on The End for their upcoming matches against LA Galaxy (away) on September 23 and the final match of the regular season for the Rave Green against Real...
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