Gregr's Life Hax: Use a drill to get your cleaning done

Supported by Xfinity: Maybe when you clean your house, a power drill isn't the first tool you would think to pick up, but now it might be. When I'm getting off my butt to actually make my house not just look clean, but be clean, I pick up a power drill and this fancy contraption I built with super...
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My Goodness' Andy Lum used Snapchat Spectacles to capture what playing the Deck the Hall Ball stage is like

Snapchat Spectacles are still making their shaky newborn legs way into the world, but more and more posts are making their way to social and we are starting to see what the glasses can do in the wild. READ: What the hell are Snapchat Spectacles? At Deck the Hall Ball on Tuesday night, Andy Lum of...
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What is Amazon Go?

Companies that put other companies out of business by moving that business onto the internet (see what Netflix and Blockbuster) are starting to move back off the internet and into the real world again. We have entered a tech feedback loop and the latest example is Amazon Go . No, it isn't an...
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You can now play the Glass Animals video game from "S2 E3"

Glass Animals are having quite the year. The Deck the Hall Ball band released their sophomore album to critical acclaim (one of my personal top five in 2016) and they are getting set to blow our minds at Key Arena . Now, the band has a video game . Every song from How to be a Human Being is getting...
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We now have Star Wars Style Holograms Thanks to Xbox Techonology

Using a combo of Kinect, Hololens, and high-speed internet, Microsoft nerds have developed a system for using holograms to communicate: Holoportation! This video blew my damn mind, and assuming we survive until it's ready for consumer use, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Video of Holoportation: Virtual...
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There's something about VR when the cable connected to the headphones or headset brushes against the user - it'll immediately pull you just a bit outside that virtual world.The solution seems so stupidly simple.

Virtual Drum Set Keeps Your Annoying Drummer Friend Busy

Check out these rad virtual drumsticks some Scandinavian dudes came up with to keep drummers' hands busy without driving the rest of the focused world into driving pencils into our own eardrums: Freedrum. Video of Freedrum We all know a drummer. If not, meet one because they're the weirdest. The...
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