Photo by Rob Hoffman



Every once in a while a band comes along who instantly connects with people in a way that you can't fake—and that is certainly true of Chef’Special. Since forming in their hometown of the Netherlands in 2008, the band have released two albums, toured extensively and built a rabid fan across Europe based who instantly gravitated to the band's unique blend of hip-hop, rock and reggae. Now the band are about to begin their Stateside assault with the Chef'Special EP which will showcase to American audiences what all the fuss has been about with this highly buzzed-about five-piece.

Another huge part of Chef'Special's success is their legendary live performances in which the audience is just as vital to the experience as the band themselves. "If you listen to our album we go from songs like 'In Your Arms' to hip-hop, so it's really important for us to build the performances up to that high-energy place and then back to the more intimate material while keeping everyone in the flow," says Nolet "We essentially just want to expel a lot of positive energy and get it back from whoever we're playing for, so in that sense the live show is the most important thing to us. That's the only way that you can see how you're connecting with people in a totally raw and tangible way."