Concert for a Cause: Wombats @ The Croc 6.04.11

June 4, 2011

The Wombats brought the best parts of Australia to Beltown tonight when they took the stage at The Croc. With no shortage of youthful energy they blazed through an hour long set of their signature cheeky dance pop to a modest yet devoted crowd who clearly weren't just there for the cheap ticket. To my surprise the room was thick with the sounds of singalong, and a more than a few bad dance moves, reared their head throughout the night.

It's always impressive when a band on their level can perform at such a top notch caliber and draw out the exact reactions they're looking for from a crowd, even when the room may not be quite as full as they'd hoped (U2 stole, one or two people who might have been interested in checking the gig out, and by one or two I mean 65,000...but hey, not everyone can be the biggest band in the world) Perhaps we should have called it the unofficial U2 after party because that's what it seemed to be for more than a few people who showed up just before the band took the stage at 11:30. And believe me, as an attendee of both, those shows couldn't have been more different. It's amazing to see the biggest most refined band (machine?) in the world, but nothing beats the honesty of a little band sweating it out onstage in a club (and hey, U2 did that once too).

Clearly the guys missed the memo on this show though, because like something out of a movie, good looking girls were everywhere! Which, of course everyone is good looking in their own way or whatever, but here you had a huge cross section of a bunch of single-ready-to-mingle ladies and no dudes to say whats up! That didn't stop them from going crazy when the band pulled out "Tokyo" to close off their main set, the whole room jumping simultaneously as if bound by elastic.

In closing, if you opted out for U2, or Saturday night binge drinking, you missed out not only on a show, or a chance to donate to a good cause, but a real social experience! (and maybe the girl of your dreams?!?!) Get the pencil ready cuz the next Concert for a Cause, clearly something you don't wanna miss.