Crystal Castles @ Showbox Sodo 03.08.11

March 7, 2011

Opening the show with the most Offensive, Tyrannical sh-t possible, "Doe Deer" off their latest self titled release (they have two of them now) before jumping into the classic MiniKorg sound that defined them in their break out stages. The band, a three piece on tour were illuminated only by the flash-bomb strobes behind them, their silhouettes as veiled as Alice's shrill shrieks breaking through the noise chaos.

Vertical LED's illuminate the stage, strategically placed in an arrangement that might suggest trees in an electric forest (My notes specifically say "Candyland in Hell".) changing color to the frequencies pulsing from the sound system, so violating you could feel the distortion run up your spine, hairs standing on end and nerves tingling involuntarily. My skull shook and my ears shivered as each note pierced through the air. Even the lights as they flash forced you to squint and shy away. The floor seemingly unfazed by all of this bounced to the beat, hands rising and falling in view like waves as the band pumped out the processed sounds of "Crimewave"

Glancing at my notes, a paragraph also reads "Whatever this song is looks and sounds like Rainbow Bright on acid." Color spectrum's alternate as sequencers bleep bloop out data over the chk chk shuffle of the back beat. Alice launches into the crowd, her broken leg not easing her ferocity in the slightest as she strips her throat with her screams. The crowd give it all up for "Not In Love" as she attempts to fill the rather large shoes of Robert Smith's vocals.

Despite all the fight or flight Crystal Castles bring out in you, they have moments where you find yourself lost in the lights and repetition as Alice sits quiet for a moment and the entire experience becomes a mesmerizing immersion into a welcomed abyss, leaving you lost and enamored inside a wormhole escape from everyday life that comes to an end all too soon. Just over an hour after they took the stage the show is over, real life returns and we're let out into the streets.