Dave Grohl + Eddie Vedder + Pat Smear join Mike Watt

April 27, 2011

The funny thing about the music business is when someone texts you to go to a venue with no other details, you don't ask questions. Because people only do that when something bananas is about to go down. As was the case tonight at the Triple Door when planets aligned to put The Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Mike Watt all in the same city on the same night (Foo's for their garage show, PJ working on a record, Mike on tour). For those confused about what these three have in common, it all goes back to 1995 when Vedder and Grohl were just budding rockstars and joined the tour as part of his backing band with the Foo Fighters and Eddie's side project at the time, Hovercraft opening the shows.

Tonight in a reversal of rolls the now ultra famous snuck in late through the back and jumped up for a completely unrehearsed encore of "Big Train". (That's Vedder in the hat to the far left, Pat Smear next to him and obviously Dave destroying the skins). It was honestly tough to tell if people had known what to expect as the place was surprisingly (at least to me) packed. But wow, what a Wednesday night to decide to hit a show right? Check out the footage above and kick yourself for being responsible and going to bed early.