Dave Grohl Says Foo's Got Kicked Off The Emmys

Also, he's on a cane now. Recovery looking good!

September 22, 2015

First off, are the Emmys the best award show? I only watched highlights bc you know, Seahawks were on at the same time - I'd like to see the rating in just Seattle for the Emmys compared to national average, but I digress. TMZ found Dave Grohl hobbling out to his car, covered in fancy clothing, walking with the aid of his cane and I thought to myself - if he grew his beard out, Dave would make an awesome looking wizard. I actually thought, "oh good, Dave's almost better."

Based on the singer's comments, it looks like the Foo Fighters were originally slated to play the Emmys on Sunday, but the band ended up getting the hook. Getting the hook? Now that's an old school idea that has gone away like quicksand.

Check out Dave's reaction to the politely asked, intrusive questions for more insight into what's actually shaking here. Grohl's response to "would you consider doing it again?" is classic deflection. What a guy.

Dude still has time for autographs even when being harassed by paparazzi! Solid.