Dave's Final Sign Off

May 20, 2015
After 22 years on CBS and 319 before that on NBC, David Letterman last night said goodnight for the final time. He spent 10 minutes thanking everyone and telling stories. Letterman introduced his wife and kid - then in real Dave fashion, made sure to embarrass his kid's friend Tommy. Incredible. Dave, a huge fan of live music, introduced the CBS Orchestra helmed by Paul Shaffer. Felicia Collins and Sid McGinnis, the two guitarists, both got me super choked up - it took until almost the end to catch me... I don't know how Letterman kept it together. See for yourself and enjoy a montage of photos/videos/stuff-blowing-up while the Foo Fighters, Dave's favorite band, perform in the background:

Whenever I meet people and they are fans of Letterman, I know we can get along. There's a certain darkness to Dave that connects with me. He never felt saccharine to me like Leno often did. Personally, I can't stay up late enough to watch the 'Late Show', but having Dave as part of the entertainment vernacular has always been part of my life, and I'll miss him.