Decibel Festival 2015

September 22, 2015

And you thought festival season was over! Some might argue it's just picking up with Deck The Hall Ball around the corner, and Decibel Festival kicking off this week.

Founded in 2003, Decibel Festival has become a unique platform for exposing attendees to leading-edge multimedia art from around the globe. With a focus on live performance, interactive multimedia art, state-of-the-art sound and technology based education; Decibel has solidified itself as one of the premier electronic music festivals and promotional organizations in the world. The five day festival program averages over 25,000 attendees a year!

As always, the venues are scattered around Seattle, and you have to pick and choose wisely. This years festival includes 120+ performers from 15+ countries, 30+ shows ranging from club events, after-parties, theater a/v showcases, boat parties, and park events. You'll have 16 workshops to choose from geared towards audio technology, and 3 lectures from marquee artists and educators. 

Take a look at this...

Decibel Festival Lineup

So where do you you begin? Well, you could check out the Decibel Festival website. That's what I did and it was so exciting and overwhelming I was left exhausted by the time I figured out the best way to navigate the festival, based on my personal taste. So I decided to do you a favor, and hand it over to a professional. Sean Horton, aka Nordic Soul, aka Mr. DbFestival (my addition) has curated a list of daily showcases, geared towards folks who love listening to The End. That's you! Check it out.

Nicolas Jaar: 9/23 at The Showbox

Dan Deacon/Clark: 9/24 at The Showbox

M.A.N.D.Y. / Cyrill Hahn: 9/25 at Q Nightclub

Bonobo / Taylor McFerrin: 9/26 at The Showbox

dB in the Park w/ J. Phlip / Christian Martin and special guest TBA: 9/27 at Volunteer Park

Follow this guide and you can't go wrong, or don't, and still you can't go wrong.  - Zach