Discover & Download - MUTEMATH

November 6, 2015

Formed in 2003, MUTEMATH – the GRAMMY-nominated, alternative-rock band from New Orleans - is back with new music after a four year hiatus. Nothing has been particularly easy on the band these past several years since 2011’s Odd Soul. They parted ways with their label, they changed management, and replaced a band member.  Add to that marriages, births, deaths etc. and you have VITALS, an album of stadium-sized hooks designed to reach rafters, yet delivered from deep within the smallest caverns of this band’s very soul. Everyone in the band agrees that VITALS became an album the day they wrote the first single, “Monument.” It’s a song that rejoices in the present, refusing to wait for something to be gone in order to celebrate it. It is the center that holds this ambitious collection together. MUTEMATH’s VITALS is the sound of a band reborn, rediscovering just why they must make music by making it for themselves, above and beyond the interference of anyone (or anything) else.  A collection of songs that would not exist if it were not for the four members of the band demanding only the best of themselves so that what they deliver to the world isn’t just more noise, but something that does nothing less than find a certain harmony in the world and in themselves. The only thing left is for you to hear it, knowing that you provide the final piece that completes this long labor of struggle and eventual triumph. All art is a gift. VITALS by MUTEMATH is for you, me, everyone. This time out, the band is unafraid, refusing to hide behind unnecessary subtleties and striving for that universal chord that resides in us all. Sometimes it takes a decade. Sometimes it never happens. For MUTEMATH, it happens now.