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Discover & Download - SWMRS

Within the opening bars of SWMRS second LP comes a sea change. You think you're in familiar rock territory with the Oakland-formed quartet when suddenly an electronic beat kicks in that throws you for a loop. The same thing happens throughout the ten tracks that make up Berkeley’s On Fire – the band's most urgent, electrifying and groundbreaking record to date. “We started having conversations about how to make something brand new within the genre of rock,” says co-frontman and songwriter Cole Becker. “That's what we talked about every single day.”

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Discover & Download - Bad Suns

Bad Suns are: Christo Bowman (vocals / guitar), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Mores (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar).

Epitaph Records announces the signing of Los Angeles-based band Bad Suns with the release of their instant-classic new single “Away We Go.” The group’s first new music in over a year, “Away We Go” finds Bad Suns at their best: propulsive and searching, it marks a new era for the ascendant quartet.

Download "Away We Go' by Bad Suns for free this week thanks to Epitaph Records

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Discover & Download - MØ

 Singer, songwriter and producer, the multi-talented MØ rose to prominence via collaborations with artists as varied as Charli XCX, Cashmere Cat and Justin Bieber. Her Major Lazer and DJ Snake collab, "Lean On," went on to become the most streamed song of all time. Forever Neverland, the follow up to her 2014 debut No Mythologies to Follow, is likely to dominate 2019.


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Discover & Download - Rufus Du Sol

RÜFÜS DU SOL have emerged as one of the world’s preeminent live electronic acts. The Australian three-piece, known formerly to the world as just RÜFÜS, have thus far won the world over with two platinum-certified albums, ATLAS and Bloom , with a much-anticipated third on the way.

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Discover & Download - Max Frost

 It began as an experiment.

Music had always been the focus of my short, 17­year­old, guitar­playing life in Austin, Texas. I was obsessed with The Beatles, Hendrix, Sinatra, and Sam Cooke. The Blues were my foundation. I hung with a crowd of young musicians who shared my love of the classics. We listened to vinyl. We played in bands.

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Discover & Download - The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & the Flame is Brandon Robbins (vocals, guitar), Mark Garbett (keyboards/vocals), and Andrew Tolman (drums)   

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Discover & Download - The Story So Far

A lot can happen in three years, and for The Story So Far, a whole lot did. After the release of their third, self-titled album in 2015, the band’s routine writing, recording, and touring had caught up with them.

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Discover & Download - Mike Posner

It’s been years since Mike Posner has put out a new piece of music and many of his fans may be surprised to see the length of his beard when they hear about his latest release: Song About You. Song About You is a piercing introspective look at a relationship that didn’t work out. It dredges up the pain that comes when love seems to be in the palm of one’s hand and yet is impossible to grasp. 

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Discover & Download - Houses

The first Houses release in five years, Drugstore Heaven, marks a major artistic shift for L.A.-based songwriter/producer Dexter Tortoriello. Abandoning the heady concepts of his previous records for some of his tightest songwriting yet, Tortoriello is embracing the most fascinating character in his musical universe: himself.

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Discover & Download - Foxing

Foxing’s discography, including their 2013 breakout debut The Albatross, is one that can be slow-moving but with purpose. Nearer My God took the band nearly three years to complete, but that time was well spent re-focusing on the future of Foxing. What preceded Nearer My God’s newfound energy was the emotional and physical fatigue that came from years of their relentless drive. 

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