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Discover & Download - Yuno

Despite being stuck in his bedroom in the city of Jacksonville, the 27-year-old Yuno’s pedigree is diverse. His parents are from the UK, and of Jamaican descent, and his musical upbringing involved a wide array of discovery mainly as a result of being part of his local skateboarding subculture. That’s what got him into music: hanging out with friends at their now abandoned mall, going to the skate shop, playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games, watching skate videos, and listening to all the music featured therein. “In high school I had a lot of friends that played guitar also.

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Discover & Download - Donna Missal

On her debut album This Time, L.A.-based singer/songwriter Donna Missal shows the elegant collision of elements at play in her music: a poet’s command of tone, a soul singer’s boundless intensity, a bedroom musician’s willful embracing of intimacy and experimentation.

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Discover & Download - Castlecomer

Castlecomer is:

Bede – vocals
Tommy – guitar
Neely – keyboards
Joe – bass
Patch – drums

“When I wrote ‘Fire Alarm,’ I decided then and there to quit my day job and focus solely on music,” says Castlecomer frontman Bede Kennedy. “That song marked this cathartic moment where I really put a stake in the ground and committed to going all in. For the next twelve months, I did nothing but write for nine hours a day, every single day.”

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Discover & Download - Bob Moses

On their full-length debut Days Gone By, Vancouver-bred duo Bob Moses built off the moody and nuanced sound they’d first honed in the dance-music underground, instilling their emotionally layered electronic pop with a raw vitality and lyrical depth. The 2015 album featured breakout single “Tearing Me Up,” a top 15 hit on US Alternative radio that landed two Grammy Award nominations (with a RAC-produced remix winning Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical).

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Discover & Download - Lydia

Lydia frontman and founder Leighton Antelman doesn’t take his band for granted… anymore.

When the Arizona-based indie-rock project initially formed in 2003, a high school-aged Antelman was mostly just messing around and having fun writing songs with his friends. “I was winging it,” he describes.

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Discover & Download - The Interrupters

The third album from L.A. ska-punk band The Interrupters, Fight the Good Fight gets its title from a piece of graffiti spray-painted outside the studio where they made their debut. “It’s a phrase that’s followed us around for years, and it kind of embodies the message of this album,” says guitarist Kevin Bivona, whose bandmates include singer Aimee Interrupter, bassist Justin Bivona, and drummer Jesse Bivona. Aimee adds: “There’s a lot of darkness in the world right now, but we’re trying to drive that out by making our music the light.

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Discover & Download - Wallows

WALLOWS (verb): To indulge in an unrestrained way in something that creates a pleasurable sensation

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Discover & Download - LSD

Sia, Diplo and Labrinth are LSD. The trio, who released a pop/punchy new song, shared they have an album coming out later this year.

Sia has collaborated with both Diplo and Labrinth separately in the past and in this new power hit-makers supergroup, you'll get all the synth-pop drops your ears have been missing.

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Discover & Download - Rex Orange County

At just 19, Rex Orange County is already living his dreams. His sweeping alternative pop songs weave together the mundane reality of teenage life and the epic fantasy that is teenage love — he takes his moniker from The O.C., a nod to the hyperreal and melodramatic. But Rex is no ordinary teenager: with the release of his second album Apricot Princess in April, he won acclaim from The FADER, The NME, and Noisey, before appearing on Tyler, the Creator’s Flower Boy, and performing live with Skepta.

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Discover & Download - Lord Huron

Unburdened by contractual obligations and working at their studio and informal clubhouse Whispering Pines in Los Angeles, Lord Huron found the freedom and comfort to pursue their vision without compromise. The result is Vide Noir: a sonically bold, bravely-executed saga that pushes the band’s sound in ambitious new directions.

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