END RECOMMENDS: Free Ruler show at Barboza!

July 19, 2015
One of my absolute favorite artists right now is Ruler and I'm pretty sure I've heard Marco Collins say those exact same words. Matt Batey and the gang are seriously talented. They aren't signed yet(WHICH IS CRAZY) and they haven't put out a full length album yet(WHICH IS ALSO CRAZY) but trust me on this - they're so good. I've been playing any Ruler track I can find on Locals Only for awhile now, but if you still haven't heard their music I'll post one of their songs below. Listen/watch, then go see Ruler perform live at Barboza this Wednesday! The show is totally free as long as you RSVP through Do206 and I heard there's gonna be free pizza there... which I feel is the absolutely best way to get broke millenials to come to a show. Such a good idea. For more details on the show click here.


Ruler - Keep Moving from Marq Evans. on Vimeo.