End Recommends: Nils Frahm @ Neumos

November 2, 2014
There are few artists that speak directly to me more than Nils Frahm. He's been the greatest musical discovery of my life in the last two years. Thank the wizard that Decibel Festival brought him here a couple years back and continues to book him. Thursday night at Neumos, Herr Frahm plays an early show with his grand piano, synthesizer, and looping/delay technology that isn't to be missed.

Here he starts a song by physically striking his piano with toilet cleaning brushes. At about the 90 seconds mark, Nils settles into some of those most brilliant, chaotically soothing, modern composition. This music instantly brings my mood to an even place, where my breath slows and my nerves calm.


As someone in the radio business, I'm not often in a position of turning to my competition for a resource that can otherwise be found, but in the name of incredible performance, and excellent quality, I feel it important to share with you the footage from the last time Frahm came to Seattle and KEXP caught it on video. It's nothing short of amazing.


Nils Frahm plays the early show on Thursday night at Neumos. I haven't even touched on the opener Dawn of Midi who play the most complicatedly awesome three piece modern/jazz music. Listen to them, too! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW!