Silversun Pickups EndSession Footage... From a Boat!

Seattle rarely is this beautiful!

September 28, 2015

Working with bands that have a fun sense of adventure, want to do something different, and have taken the control of their own music is a total pleasure. Silversun Pickups, a band that we've had no fewer than five intimate EndSessions with, returned to Seattle with a renewed sparkle. They're a group that finished a multi-album record deal, and are now in control of their own music. I imagine a big record label somewhere petting a cat and shouting "I'll get you next time, Gadget, next tiiiiiime".

We couldn't be any happier for Better Nature to finally hit the shelves of the internet, and have the band back in town to help get things moving again after a 3+ year absence. A few super listeners (and some jerks who work at the station) got the chance to do something fun with Brian and Nikki - we went out on an Argosy Cruise Ship.

Not only that, but since we were at the waterfront, I got to buy some salt water taffy which is always a huge win! Check out the EndSession footage of the latest single "Nightlight" below, and a ton of photos here.